Friday, July 27, 2012

Going to attempt to publish on TPT

Hi Everyone,

I have decided to go whole hog (to coin a phrase... I love idioms!) and try to put a few things on Teachers Pay Teachers. I will now have to figure out how to link my blog with that, as well as Facebook. I haven't figured that out yet, either.
So, here is another thing I have created. These labels will be for a board that I will have on a stand near the door to my room. I teach middle school and on different days I need my students to bring different things to class, so I am creating a board that will have the subject and grade level (I teach 6-8th grade Language Arts and a 7/8 Social Studies class) and the title will be What you will need...
Here are some of the labels. What do you think of the font?

I still have more labels to make. I am going to buy a foam core board, maybe black, finish the edges with interesting duct tape, and add Velcro dots. I am going to print these on card stock (I'm thinking neon green, orange and/or pink) and laminating them. I will hopefully make that this weekend. If I get it done I will add a picture. I can't wait. I get out of work in 45 minutes and I'm heading to Michael's on the way home.
Wish me luck!

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